Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yesterday Not So Far Away

In my quest to learn new stuff I finally got the Diptic app for my iPad (Thanks for the rec, Cindy!) and have been playing with it. Don't know if I'm doing it wrong or my photos just suck but it's not so clear. I was motivated, though, by the number of you who didn't know the "You must pay the rent" spiel.

Please follow along with this simple tutorial:

First, you fold a piece of paper back and forth until you have an accordion kind of a deal and pinch it in the middle.

Second, you hold it under your nose (top) and say in your most sinister, melodramatic villain voice, "You must pay the rent!"

Third, you hold the accordion bow to the side of your head like a hair decoration (middle) and say in your highest, most hilarious, melodramatic girly voice, "I can't pay the rent!"

Fourth, you repeat steps Two and Three until it is no longer funny to you. This may take some time.

Fifth, you hold the bow to your neck like a tie (bottom) and do your best Dudley Do-Right impression to say, "I'll pay the rent!"

Sixth, you go back to the middle photo and the girly voice for, "My hero!"

Seventh & last, you go right back to the top photo and the villainous voice for, "Curses, foiled again."

Ridiculous, of course, but a huge hit with certain audiences. I urge you to try it out at parties.


  1. Funny - I did this recently for some friends and Jacob - all of whom looked at me as if I had suddenly grown two heads. It never fails to amuse me!

  2. I was a little nervous to read this post because I was afraid it might be different than the one I know and love, but, no, exactly the same.

  3. You drama people.

    Diptic takes some practice to get the images just right. Don't get discouraged. It is an awesome app. Plus it's just fun. So have fun with it.

  4. I notice you propose this party game *after* your annual major shindig is over. And right when the party season is ramping up. (Nice work!)

    I could play this game all day. Friends of a traveling theater company used to do many versions of this in schools - the Brechtian/social justice one was always a smash.