Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Where have I been? Asleep mostly. I've been sick. Not deathly ill, not even completely miserable every minute of the day, but miserable enough that doing things, things like walking, drinking, and speaking have been tiresome at best. If you have spoken to me in the last week I'm sure you've noticed. I live tweeted the annual shareholders meeting for my co-op that I felt compelled to attend on Monday night. My enthusiasm for the democratic process was clearly at a low ebb.

I am at work today for the first time this week. I've been here all day and I plan to go to Alita's holiday concert this evening. I will not, for the good of the collective, be going out for our usual diner celebration afterwards. I dread telling the guest of honor but hope she'll understand the circumstances and be distracted by the fact that I managed to have her Christmas presents bought and wrapped.

Given that I've been sick and not done much other than sip tea and burn parts of my body with it (Lip, tongue, stomach. Yes, stomach.) I don't have much to say. Mostly just wanted to tell you where I was and that I hope you're not sick. If you are sick I hope you have Showtime on demand. Their half hour dramadies are the perfect distraction between naps.


  1. ugh, so sorry it's hanging on like that! may it go away soon ... and hope the concert was fabulous?

  2. Lots of liquids!~ even the scarring burning types! hope you're on the upswing of this!