Thursday, December 01, 2011

Future Tense

As a personal assistant you tend to live in the future. You think a little about what's going on today but you have to be focused on the dinner tomorrow, the meeting next week, how soon the car needs to be inspected. While most people are dealing with this week and next there comes a time when the assistant quits dealing with the month she's in. It's full. Time to move on to the next one, or perhaps the one after that. The assistant will put the correct year on checks long before you do because she's been wading around in the shallow end of that year for at least a month before it arrives.

Today I've been working on my own calendar and it's starting to freak me out. Chances to do things in December are dwindling. My most planning averse friend asked what my travel schedule was going to be like. I'm suddenly planning both a Santaland visit this Sunday (9am!) and whether or not I'll buy a couple of appliances in tax free NH before I come back to NYC on the 26th. The calendar is nearly covered in green blocks.

I'm frightened.

How far in advance are you planning right now?


  1. I'm already into the middle of January b/c of work. That said, let me know when you're heading up to taxfree land. Maybe we can do a car trip again?

  2. I'm just not thinking about it. Chris asked me what we might take to our friends NYE party and I turned into a Magic 8 Ball "Ask again some other time". I am just obliviously going to hope I end up in the places I need to be at the times I need to be there.

  3. I hate planning. I have a few parties or get togethers to go to, but other than that, nothing firm.

  4. Damita4:20 PM

    I'm too busy thinking about all the events that have Dec completely booked to think about Jan. Afraid if I think that far ahead I will forget something I need to remember now. We got parades, parties, recitals and in-laws coming. Seeing a blank calendar in Jan is almost comforting even though I know it won't be blank for long.

  5. I need to get through the next two weeks. Ask me again the evening of Thursday the 15th... I'll probably be able to breathe again after that... just in time to figure out what to pack for the next two weeks...

  6. i'm a planner. I have to be. Between work and school and social activities and the things I do like decide to sing in a choir or go to visit family....I'm a planner. Generally, I'm booked out, about a month in advance. I've become better at loosely booking, and or just saying NO. and either staying home, or becoming flexible.

    If I don't do this, then I'm double booked, and being a shitty friend to someone, and missing this and GAK. it's crap.

    But I do understand that bubble of freak out when you look at your calendar. I do.

    Life is good when it's full. And good when you have the ability to decide who fills it.