Friday, December 02, 2011

Many Hands Light

Something weird happened tonight and I don't think there's any more I can or should do but maybe there is. Do you know?

The irrelevant part is that I was downstairs in the laundry room switching my clothes from the washer to the dryer. Now you can start paying attention again.

My phone rang with a Private Number designation. It was a robocall saying that my HSBC MasterCard was being suspended for security reasons and I could press one to stop that action. I do not have nor have I ever even applied for either a MasterCard or a credit card from HSBC. I didn't press anything and there didn't seem to be other options so I hung up. When I was finished with my chore I got the customer service number and called HSBC to spin them my pretty little yarn and ask who had my phone number on a credit card. One guy said he'd look up my account by phone number and put me on hold. It was a silent hold and about 10 minutes long then there were a couple of beeps and some hold music and the fraud department picked up. That lady asked for my social security number which I declined to provide. I asked if she could look me up by phone number. She could and did in short order and didn't come up with any account using my number nor did she have any idea what sort of scam might approach me this way. Frankly, I think she was a little put out that I asked.

I checked my bank account and there's nothing untoward happening there. Seems like it was a scam I didn't fall prey to. Oh, maybe I should check Snopes. Wait here.

Don't see anything there. So, any reason to worry here? And even if there is can you think of anything I should do? Can I just pretend this was a transcription error on someone's part and be done with it?

You know what I want to hear.


  1. with a private number and no acct there it sure sounds like a scam you didn't fall for. makes no sense to me otherwise. they could just be going through a phone list.

  2. yeah, i wouldn't worry about this one at all.

  3. Agreed....It was a scam. Anytime it's a robocall re: an account you've never had, it's definitely a scam. Since you didn't respond in any way, you're safe...but you may get more of those calls.