Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Most But Never All

I had a great Christmas. If you know me at all you know that it's a rare thing for me to say. It's true, though, cross my blackened heart.

However, nothing is perfect. On the one hand perfect is boring and who wants perfect? On the other hand it wasn't perfect* because I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see and that sucks. (I believe you know who you are.) That happened last year, too, many visits were canceled or cut short due to the blizzard. This year it was a blizzard of the mind. Equally devastating but generally won't require a snowblower.

Maybe next year will be perfect. I doubt it. I can guarandamntee it'll be imperfect in different ways, though. I appreciate the love, support, and patience of everyone I saw and didn't see. Hope you all had happily memorable holidays**.

*Also because the drive home sucked donkey balls. Could have been worse but I'm pretty sure it couldn't have been more boring. Next year one of you needs to come to Christmas with me just so I'll have company for the drive home. 

**No, I won't say Merry Christmas*** because a lot of people who read here don't celebrate it. Also, I'm not what you'd call a "good Christian" but I'm pretty sure that Jesus doesn't give a donkey-riding fuck about a holiday made popular by Montgomery Ward (or whoever).

***Take a deep breath. The "war on Christmas" is something made up to keep you from noticing other things that might be wrong on our home soil. Don't be snowed.

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