Friday, December 16, 2011

Turns Out To Be A Wash

I procrastinate a lot. I'm a big waiter. I'm good at that. Sometimes it works out pretty well.

I may have told you that my dishwasher was leaking. It teamed up with a bunch of leaks in my kitchen and it was the least intrusive so it took a while to get some attention. Attention it got on Monday, though. Unfortunately that attention involved an unavoidable accident that rendered it more floody than leaky and therefore unusable. Dude, I hate to do dishes. So much. We had to wait for a part to be ordered so I knew I'd have to do some dishes but not right away. In fact, though, I managed to put off doing any dishes for so long that the part came in and now my dishwasher is fixed and never a rubber glove did I have to don! Whoo!

Other times, however, not so much. There's caroling in my neighborhood every year. A group of folks have been doing it for over 40 years. The general rule is "the Friday before Christmas" but it's flexible. I really hoped that this year it would be this weekend and not next but I didn't know for sure. Sometimes I run into the organizers around the neighborhood  but it's not something I can schedule so I crossed my fingers that it would be tonight and planned to just go and see. It finally occurred to me about 45 minutes before the usual start time that I could go to the garden we use as a gathering place and see if there was a sign.

45 minutes before the start time.

Weeks of waffling and wishing and worrying and I could have walked 3 blocks and read a sign.

It's amazing I've survived this long under my own power, no? I did have a great time caroling, though. It's one of my favorite events of the season. I offer to carry a lantern and the basket for the lyric books because I want to worm my way into the good graces of the organizers. It seems to be working. I hope they schedule it on the early weekend next year, too.

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