Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Thin...Ah Fuck It

It's list day and you know how much I love a good list. This morning I was planning all the lists I could give you. A few short hours later and this is how any list I make is going to look:

1. Fuck cancer

2. Fuck stupid people

3. Fuck fate

4. Fuck 2012

5. Fuck lists!

6. Lather

7. Rinse

8. Fucking repeat

So, let's just agree that this is not a good day for me to be making lists in a productive way. I can ask questions, though. I'm equipped for that. Here's one for you:

To what would you like to give a hearty 2 fingered salute? (Answer as often as you like.)

*The dog does not have cancer.


  1. Saturday, Chris and I made a list of things we needed to do. We dissolved when we got to the list of things we want to do.

    Fuck. Fuck. And Fuck. To all of it.

  2. Oh, those are good lists to make. If you manage to make them you need to put that on your resume when you apply to be strong woman at the circus because, holy shit that's hard. Fuck fucking cancer and all its fucking bullshit!

  3. Fuck cancer. Uh huh. We're not friends on FB - if we were, you'd have seen my nice Fuck Cancer picture. I'll email it to you. :)

  4. Anonymous2:12 PM

    fuck rudeness, deliberate ignorance, and sugar (even though i love it. sigh.)

  5. Fuck dishonesty and cruelty. Fuck liars. And yes, fuck the fucking fuck out of cancer! :)

  6. fuck my teeth. doesn't matter how careful i am with them, or how anal i am with dental care, i'm always in need of more work.

    fuck this weather. sure, it's nice that it's almost 60*, but not in the middle of fucking JANUARY.

    fuck the housing market. i'd like to leave Baltimore sooner than later, but we're held hostage until the situation improves here. the house won't sell.

    fuck the people in the neighborhood who let their cats out. i'm sick and fucking tired of cleaning up cat piss from *my* cat because he wants to protect his home from *those* cats.

  7. I'm sorry to be agreeing with your #4, as I was hoping that 2012 would be the antidote for 2011. I'm going with FUCK JANUARY, which I'm hoping is a giant hangover from last year. (This allows me to cling to the hope that our February 1 vacation isn't canceled, which is really just a proxy hope for hoping we don't actually have to burn today right to the ground.)

  8. Laura, I'm joining you in a FUCK CAT PISS!

    Sara, as much as I don't want your vacation to be canceled, given the options on the table, I'm willing to burn your vacation in sacrifice if the need arises. Sorry!

  9. Miflohny1:25 PM

    I'd say fuck cancer, if I wasn't so scared of making cancer look over at me and get pissed off at me in the process ... :-( ... but I am thinking it really really hard!