Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Another One Down

Friend of 117 Hudson, Wendi Aarons, said goodbye to her cat of 19 years, Dickens, just before Christmas. I am still catching up on my blog reading so I just found out today. Go over here and read about her lucky rescue and subsequent fancy life. Then make sure that there are treats for everyone, for all the pets you have sway over.

Tonight the shopping bag claimant above and her two partners in crime will be getting some liver broth, a by product of the beloved Scooter Snacks. Some called it spoiled, we call it The Goldilocks Principle, 'cause it's just right.


  1. I love this. Thank you, Kizz. Dickens would be honored.

  2. i gave my cat a scrap of steak last night, in hopes that it would make her like me. the two cats like the other two people in the house and hate me. it is peculiar. oh well.