Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Five By Five* Weekend

2. Had dinner with Kath to celebrate my birthday. That's when we took all these photos.

4. Impersonated The Tooth Fairy via phone to help someone remember to leave his tooth for pick up. If I had it to do all over again I'd refine the character.

6. Got a brand new cable box/DVR that's top of the line and has never been used by another home before. Fancy.

8. Worked on my Angry Birds technique. I'm not a lot better but I think I'm getting a feel for it.

10. Finished The White Darkness and began The Name of This Book is Secret.

*Name the fictional character who helped bring this expression into the popular lexicon.


  1. I also absolutely love your haircut. LOVEIT.

  2. um um um...Faith?

    also: hair = adorable. :)

  3. We have a winner! Faith it is.

    Thanks for the comments on the hair. I have lost my faith in it of late so I guess I should just not worry about it.

  4. You look so pretty!

  5. when i read the title i heard it in her voice, just took a second to place it. :)

  6. The bluey one with the blurry edges is my fave. You look beautiful in all of these. Go smokey eyes!!!

    Let's get dressed up and go out more often!

  7. the pictures are great - i also love the blue one.

  8. I haven't seen you in so long... you are still just lovely. So lovely.