Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sounds Like Dissolved

10 Resolution-like Items

1. Complete my 365 project

2. See how far I can go on my 50 days of sit ups. So far I'm still doing them, usually in the morning, and doing them all in a row. Might not sound like much to some but to me....

3. Write more (terrible to be so amorphous about it but I've already cleared a space on my desk and used it for writing so perhaps it'll work, perhaps)

4. Take that ever-loving trip to Italy with my mom (Sept/Oct)

5. Pin my dad down for a destination for a trip with him in 2013

6. Do at least one set of performances of my cabaret show (this is riddled with little steps like finding an accompanist and a venue)

7. Modify my website to reflect all the things I do with an eye to being able to properly market myself as a photographer

8. Keep up with my short reviews on Please Pass the Popcorn

9. Post once a week on Kizz & Tell, making it a place I feel good about

10. Use the languishing gift certificate for a massage

*Don't forget that the RESOLVED photo challenge is active. Submissions close next Tuesday at 9am.

**Photos are me before bed at age 42 and the next day me after a shower at age 43.


  1. I ended my 365 day project. Just couldn't do it right now. I like to fifty sit ups thing. You should also try it with push ups. Also, you look like your de-aging.

  2. Happy Birthday, Kizz :-) I hope it was a good one! Did you use the massage coupon?