Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Don't Spoil It!

First and foremost, let's keep today's posts spoiler-free for the final episode of Season 2 of Downton Abbey. I haven't had a chance to watch. If you have spoilers from previous episodes please give people a warning so they can bail if they need to.

Secondly, a reader who wishes to remain anonymous sent me a link to this article/photo essay on the cast of Downton and how hot they are outside of the Abbey's confines. I had already read it and couldn't agree more. They've gone into production for Season 3 this month but we still have a long wait ahead of us so I thought we could do with a Hot People post. Turns out I got a little overzealous. It might have to be two posts. Or more.

 Go big or go home, right? Of course we start with Dame Maggie Smith out of her Lady Violet garb and arched eyebrow.

Not Matthew Crawley anymore, just good old Dan Stevens.

As delicious as Elizabeth McGovern herself as she is when she's being Lady Cora Crawley.

If only Carson showed up for work in the wine cellar like this one day. I'd be grateful if someone could tell me which character this is that Jim Carter is playing.

I know this one of Joanne Froggatt is like Anna Smith jumped in a time machine and got a very slight makeover but she's just so lovely I couldn't resist.

As Lady Edith we don't get enough chances to appreciate Laura Carmichael's gorgeous eyes.

I can't stand Iain Glenn's Sir Richard Carlisle but he's a dish and I eagerly await his return in Game of Thrones.

Maria Doyle Kennedy is all over my TV. The Tudors, Dexter, and now Downton as the conniving Mrs. Bates. Damn her! And she sings, too.

I don't know about her personality but I feel as though Jessica Brown Findlay is allowed physically to resemble her character, Lady Sybil, more than others.

The one we've all be waiting for! (No? Just me?) It was such a treat trolling for photos of rough and tumble Brendan Coyle amid all the shots of him all clean cut to play Bates.

Stay tuned for 10 more a little later!

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  1. Smashing! I can't wait for part 2.

  2. Oh, Mr. Bates.

    Any time Richard Carlisle makes an appearance on screen, I whisper "Thornbirds" because he reminds my of Richard Chamberland.

  3. Class Warfare!!!

    Sorry, I just feel like these shows are an attack on me personally because I'm not a rich white guy...

  4. They look fantastic. Wowza.

  5. what in heaven's name is happening to Carson in that photo????? He reminds me of Al on Happy Days. I say Ha-cha-cha-cha or yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah after his scenes.
    love me some facial hair on Bates...sigh.

  6. Anonymous3:57 PM

    sigh, and thanks. not sure i've ever been as hooked on a show as this one. delish, and yes it's a looong wait.

  7. Based on that look, Carter should have been cast as a dwarf in either "LotR" or "The Hobbit."

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