Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Photo Challenge: ARRR!

I should be more careful about my prompts. I managed only to manifest more ARRR! in my life. Woof, what a couple of weeks. Let's see what pictures we got out of it. Important, specific, community-building prompt at the bottom of this post so please scroll down.

Many of my conversations with Lisa center on our preparedness for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. I find it comforting that she's raising her boys to be warriors. I'm going to hide behind them when the time comes.

According to the caption Janet put on this over at Flickr this is a zombie pirate. I'm going to assume he's tongue in cheek (heh, see what I did there?) about the homophobia.

I am completely unprepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. I won't even eat burnt marshmallows.

If we're going to manifest something let's manifest some fighting spirit, shall we? Next prompt is FUCK CANCER. I bet we've all been touched by it, some more closely than others. Additionally let's dedicate this to the Powers That Be at The Susan G. Komen Foundation who, after pressure from anti-choice groups, pulled all their mammogram funding from Planned Parenthood. I know we've all got photos that speak to the fight against cancer. I can't wait to see them. Additionally, I will donate $5 to Planned Parenthood and $5 to Think Before You Pink for every photographer who enters something in this challenge. Tell your friends and neighbors, a Flickr account is free so it won't cost you anything at all to do this small thing for good causes.

Please add your photos to our Flickr photo pool by 9am on Tuesday February 14th (not only Valentines Day but the fake birthday I chose for both of my dogs) for posting on Wednesday February 15th. Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Some of you may be clicking on the comments to say something about how Breast Cancer isn't the only cancer that's touching and killing us. Me too! I'm starting here because the Komen people are in the news right now and I want to draw attention to how they aren't helping while that information is fresh in people's minds. Stay tuned to the photo challenges for more opportunities like this benefiting The American Cancer Society, The American Lung Association, Ovarian Cancer research, and others. Feel free to suggest organizations that you find deserving of support. Thanks for caring. It's not all about the boobies.

  2. It wasn't homophobia, but ZOMBIEphobia!!!

  3. You've seen my picture! I'll put it on Flickr...

  4. I love that picture.