Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photo Challenge: FUCK CANCER

Well, we raised $40 each for Planned Parenthood and Think Before You Pink. We have some new members and I love all of that. So please remember to comment here and on Flickr to show your love for all our participants.

Scroll down to the bottom for announcements of the new challenge and which charity we'll be working for this time.

The thing that's funniest about this is that those bowling balls aren't that much bigger than ChromePlatedGirl's naturally beautiful endowments. (Totally off topic but also, would you not die for her hair? I would, except then I would be dead and couldn't enjoy it.)

I've taken my share of hospital room shots for posterity. You rarely get the sort of camaraderie and easy love I see in ejmmcartin's pic. Tough love, sure, but this somehow retains more of the joy.

Speaking of joy, Our Janet snapped this shot at the Lahey Clinic where they keep a gallery of art by cancer survivors. As you know, Janet is one. I wonder if she'll be contributing anything to the collection.

Since the day I met her I've thought of herm007/Our Bethany (right) as a stunning, strong woman. It seems she keeps only strong and stunning company as well. (I believe the woman in the center is a survivor.)

Not many people would take kindly to an appearance by The Grim Reaper at their pre-death memorial bash. Mrs. Chili's mom absolutely loved it and I love this photo because, though I knew her only a little, this expression seems entirely her.

Go on, try to look into those eyes and not get mesmerized. I bet you can't do it.  Debbie in AZ's mom, pictured here, is a 14 year cancer survivor. To that I say, "FUCK YEAH!"

My brilliant, gorgeous, talented, surviving friend, Mimi. I can't wait for her cancer musical to come to life!

While magcc88/Magpie Musing's mother was dying of lung cancer Magpie displayed this gem from Subversive Cross Stitch in her home. Occasionally someone, for fear of offending, would tuck it away in a drawer. Magpie persistently brought it back out because...


In honor of Our Cindy's husband, Chris, who died on Friday and of the date our challenge will post the next challenge is LEAP. Remember that you can interpret the prompt any way you like so it doesn't have to be about death or cancer or leap year, it can be about anything. If it helps, Chris had a great sense of humor. For every photographer who enters photos in this challenge I will donate $10 to The American Cancer Society.

Please add your photos to our Flickr photo pool by 9am on Tuesday February 28th for posting on Wednesday February 29th. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks again for joining in. I love this feature and can't get enough of all your photos.


  1. You and these pictures are so wonderful.

  2. Right back atcha, beautiful.

  3. I love them all...but The Grim Reaper ? ROFLMAO! Now, that was a lady with a wicked sense of humor!!! Well done, Kizz!!!

  4. Anonymous6:21 PM

    fab collection, and i'm with Janet ... what great humor! thx for the kind words, and yes that lady in the middle is a kick-ass survivor who finds the beautiful in everything. that bedside pic is a sweet one too, it feels so peaceful and happy.

  5. I kind of love the Grim Reaper. That would make me laugh my butt off.