Thursday, February 09, 2012

Some News

I haven't kept up with my reader but Gert did request some news so here 'tis.

First, I'm still not too well but I did get my doctor to call me back and agree to see me tomorrow at 11.

Second, but actually first, last and everything in the middle, please throw some support and kindness toward Our Cindy, Elephant Soap. Her husband, Chris, is not well and they can use all the goodness we can send their way.

Neil Gaiman posted a photo that I think is actually some kind of fan torture. He should be prosecuted. His punishment should be coming to my house and reading to me while I fall asleep.

Via Chookooloonks, there's a set of photos from the Great Depression, mainly around 1940, that's just great. What I like is that they're from all over the country. The ones from Maine and Vermont are really interesting to me. They're in color, did I mention that?

I don't remember seeing Bobby Orr play, I was too young, but I remember him, the legend of him. I love this photo of him. Had no idea he was Canadian.

The quote from Debbie Allen in this set is chilling. It's important in regard to roles for Black actresses but I think it's important to think about in relation to any struggle for forward motion. Just when you think you've won is probably the time to keep vigilant.

For my knitters out there, do you know about Knitting Behind Bars? At first it seems a little nuts, giving small concealable weapons to inmates but it seems t o work like a charm. Not hugely surprising to me that finding a positive focus can help improve behavior but hey, I think the more we get that info into the world the better chance it has to catch on.

Then in a combo of two of our previous items we have the head of the NHL coming out in support of any hockey player who might be...well...coming out! I've always liked the NHL best of all the major sports leagues and this only cements my love.

This week the Blogher community said goodbye to two women who had been dealing with breast cancer. This is a great round up of all the tribute posts.

I don't often think of Courtney Love as a sympathetic figure but this is an interesting way to think about what her life has been like.

Let's leave it on a laugh. Newt Gingrich thinks that people who ride the subway are elitists. Clearly no idea who rides the subway here in NYC.


  1. great links, Kizz! Loved the Depression photos,and Newt? OMG!!

  2. I am sorry to hear you are not doing well. Sorry I havent been around for a while and even more though often lurk only. I am to visit the recommended pages.

  3. in the bunch of pictures from the Great Depression, there was one from Brockton with WB Mason in the windows. It's the company we order supplies from at the office, so I sent the link to my rep. She loved it! Plus, her family is from Brockton so even better.

    I hope YOU feel better, and fast!