Thursday, February 23, 2012

Third Time Is Charming

Sorry for the delay. This cold asthma thing is tenacious and I had a bad breathing day yesterday. The only cure seemed to be sleep. That just means we get to savor the rest of these posts over a little longer time.

This one is small. Still high value, though.

Go on, can you guess? Are you surprised? The makeup folks must work overtime making O'Brien nearly unrecognizable from the delightful Siobhan Finneran.

They can rest when they work on Zoe Boyle and just let her natural luminescence light up Lavinia Swire. Wonder how she used her inner light when she was in Sons of Anarchy?

I'm a fool for the idiot savant characters like Daisy Robinson. Sophie McShera is a master at those subtleties.

The Earl of Grantham never looked so good. Hugh Bonneville probably looks this good all the time, though.

There's one more to come. It's duplicate folks but I couldn't resist. These posts have to last us all the way to next season!

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