Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whatever Normal Means

I'm taking antibiotics. Feeling better. Not feeling cured.

Chris is still dead.

I finally filled the humidifier. 

Life just keeps going on.

The dog in these photos is back at not-fighting strength. He's a healthy weight, he's enjoying some local celebrity ("Is that Bu?"), and he helped chase down a purse snatcher. 

I'll get some shots of his recovered self as soon as I'm feeling better, more motivated. Whenever that might be. 

In the meantime, have some ice cream for me. With the antibiotics and all I need to cut down on the sugar.


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  1. Thank you for dog pics. Dogs make everything better.

  2. he's looking good!!!

    I went in for my 3 month check up (gotta do it for awhile longer, then it gets spaced to 6 months, then 1 year, etc.) and so far so good! The CEA blood test is .5 (doc says it's lower than hers lol).

    Wolf is going to a new vet tomorrow...definitely will need a teeth cleaning and I'm not happy with the existing lump on his side.

    Good thoughts, please!

  3. Hurray for good blood!

    Do you do teeth cleanings on your pets? I've always been afraid of having them put under, especially when they're older. But it's well established that I'm a chicken shit.

    Thinking good thoughts for Wolfie.

  4. there's something my vets use called's not a "put them completely out" type of thing. They use it for spaying & neutering & teeth cleaning, probably x-rays too. Wolf has never had his teeth cleans, it's just now that he's 11 they're starting to get dirty. Max has had his cleaned a few times...he won't let me brush!