Sunday, March 18, 2012

Convalescing Tools

One of the most important tools for convalescence, for me at least, is TV. For this particular illness I've been streaming episodes of 24. It's got 7 seasons which turns out to be good for me since who knows how long my stupid illness will last. Turns out that 24 was to LA what Law & Order was to NYC. Everyone is on it, at least for an episode. As a result I've been treated to glimpses of some of my favorite folks and some indisputably Hot People. What better to do on a Sunday night of lying quite still than a Hot People post?

And of course, the one constant source of heat in the show.

This last one is someone who isn't in 24. A colleague of hers from The L Word had a recurring role on 24 but I don't like the colleague but used her as an excuse to include a photo of my beloved Katherine Moennig.


Don't forget the JOY! photo challenge. There's still time to enter.