Monday, March 26, 2012

Cuddle Duds

Last month I thought of a grand scheme. It's something I want to tell you about but am not quite ready to tell you about either so bear with the obscurity, please. It's the sort of project that required me to do a little work, then some more work, and then approach someone about collaborating. The person I really wanted to collaborate with I haven't worked with before so the prospect was a little fraught for me, in that you-put-these-emotions-on-yourself way. I recognize that but I have to respect it, too. Today, I did it. I attached my work to an email. I wrote a personable but informative and I hope persuasive cover letter. Then I did the hard part. I hit send. Now comes the waiting time, which is fine. I can wait. I'm a professional. Just sending off the request, willing to hear whatever answer comes my way, is like giving a super cute puppy a cuddle.

What have you done lately that's as good as puppy cuddling?


  1. I saw two concerts over spring break, saw my family for a bit, did some day drinking, bid on two things at a memorial benefit and won them (cd's and a pest control spray for the house) and I bought a treadmill. A big giant awesome fancy treadmill.

    I am so excited to know what this is you're doing! And incredibly proud of your leap.

  2. Hmmm... well, I finished the first draft of a new play in early Feburary and sent it to a dramaturge for notes. They came back three weeks ago but I've been so busy with my joe job deadlines and having a really bad cold bug that I haven't looked at them yet. I'm half excited/half scared to bits. I sent a pre first draft of the same play off to a festival in December and it got short listed and they told me to enter it again next year when it was complete. Maybe by then I'll have found the time to read those notes and incorporate them into a second or even third draft!

    I also arranged for a performance review at my joe job, the first time I've had one in three years. I made the request to the Board of Directors and they agreed so we met today. It went way better than I expected and I was really nervous sending that email off, let me tell you, because I run hot and cold with that board and with the job in general.

    My conclusion is... it's a good thing to be proactive sometimes.

    Can't wait to hear more about YOUR project!

  3. dude. i don't know if *anything* is as good as puppy cuddling.