Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Was Going To Make A List But I Forgot

I have a good long term memory but my short term can be iffy. Here are 10 Things I Forget

1. The 5 things I thought of for this list while I was in the shower this morning. I remember that at least 3 of them were really good, though.

2. The names of people I went to High School with. Most of them it's all really clear but when I forget someone, wow, blank slate, like I've never heard of them before. Someone tagged a face in an old photo and I didn't recall the guy even a little.

3. That I am good at things. A lot of things. And it's ok to say so. This weekend I heard a woman, in offering assistance to another woman, declare herself good at something. I stood by, not understanding the conversation at all for a moment until I realized. She's good at this and she wants to help the other woman, it's ok to say you're good at stuff.

4. The difference between stupid and ignorant. I know that ignorant is uninformed and stupid is...well...stupid but when you wrangle with someone for a while and hand out a bunch of fact-checked information but get only increased fervor in return I sometimes forget the distinction all together.

5. I used to work a lot. I used to work 7 days a week to barely scrape by. It wasn't all day every day but I was expected somewhere to do something for some kind of pay every day of the week for months on end, if I was lucky. No sick days, no health care, no retirement plan. I do not, however, forget how lucky I feel not to have to do that now. Sometimes, though, I only see the person who works 4 days a week (at her primary job) and still pays all her bills. I feel wussy along with lucky. I'm tough, though. I can work hard.

6. What I used to eat regularly when I was actively losing weight. As of yesterday I'm doing it again but when I ordered groceries last week I completely blanked on what kinds of food I used to get so I'd rarely feel hungry but stay within the limits that lose me weight.

7. What it feels like not to be strangled by my jeans. Hence #6.

8. Where I hid the last treat for the dog to find yesterday. So now I don't know if he found it or not. Nor when I'm going to sit, stand, or tread on it.

9. How to put one foot in front of the other. I was supposed to be singing by now. I am supposed to have a fall trip planned. I need an accompanist. I don't really have any clue how to start. I think maybe I used to know how to do this stuff but now I forget.

10. That you can't tell how many times a day I refresh the Photo Challenge Flickr Pool page to see if anyone has added anything. Maybe that's for the best. (Stay tuned. Results for JOY! and a new challenge go up tomorrow. Everyone is welcome. It's a super simple way to make some weird lady in Brooklyn happy.)

*Photos lovingly ganked from old friends on Facebook. I do, though, remember everyone in these shots.


  1. 4. Now we're getting into the distinction between ignorance and WILLFUL ignorance. And willful ignorance...is stupid.

  2. I DID THE SAME DANG THING! Just lost my mind when it came to what I was eating two months ago before people started dying and I lost all grasp of clean living. Just forgot completely. I grilled enough lean ground beef to have little patties this week, grilled up a bunch of veggies, bought salad stuff. lot's of tuna. high fiber cereal for the morning. some fruit for snacking. good lord, will there ever be a time when this is second nature???

    The fall trip? the accompaniest? the internet and your wide network of people are the go to here. You've got this. You do.

  3. I'm with you, sista on #7, and therefore #6. 2 boiled eggs in the am, apple for snack, yogurt (chobani pineapple 2% is my addiction right now) & fiber cereal at lunch, orange or almonds for snack, and for the first week, a Smart One dinner, along with a handful of roasted veggies. After I stay on that for a full week, then I'll have a regular lean meat with veggies for dinner. Has to be a week tho, no cheating. Stupid self made rules ;-)