Friday, March 23, 2012


While turning a blind eye to the larger implications I have been loving the unseasonably fabulous weather. It hasn't been as hot in New York City as it has in some places but it's been warm enough for skirts and hardly a jacket at all. I love to be warm, hot even, so this is a time of year when I feel like I can do anything. I make plans and have the energy to execute them. It's fantastic.

What's more fantastic, though, is that I often don't get a chance to do anything at all. You see, everyone loves the weather. Almost everyone, anyway. We can't wait to revel in the air and the not shivering.

On Tuesday, after a lengthy email conversation with Amy she invited us over for a drink on the back deck. NDP joined us and we stayed until almost 9. Wednesday I managed to stick to my agenda but Thursday the dog led me up one street and down another and we passed NDP's house and there she was having a glass of wine (pictured) on the stoop. So we lounged there for a couple of hours until we all got chilly. This morning most of us in the park with our dogs couldn't even be bothered to look at our watches but at some point near enough to 9 we left. A few blocks later I found myself invited in for a breakfast of birthday cake! There is no breakfast better than birthday cake and this cake was exceptionally delicious.

Now I've got a new dress on and I'm ready to wander the streets of New York looking for my next opportunity.

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