Wednesday, March 07, 2012

NWW: Women. Lungs.

So the next stop on the crazy illness train is a pulmonary specialist. The ENT guy thinks maybe I have acid reflux and I took those meds for two days and, while I can't say definitively that they worsened my breathing, I can say they didn't do it any fucking good. So tomorrow I try those meds again just to be sure that they aren't causing the distress and I call the pulmonary chick. Her office is only open on Mondays and Thursdays and some Saturdays. I assume I will not then see her tomorrow but will get an appointment for a Monday or Thursday or possibly Saturday in the future. Fingers crossed that it's the near future.

Did I bring this on myself by having our photo challenge charity be the Lung Association. Probably not but it's a nice segue, isn't it? So far there are only two of us entered in the WOMEN photo challenge. What do you have for us?

Speaking of connections, I'm reading Into Thin Air. It's about a disastrous Everest expedition. There's all this talk about how hard it is for everyone to breathe and to deal with everyday tasks when breathing is so difficult. On some pages I want to reach through the book and grab they're oxygen canisters for my own personal use.


  1. I think you need to call the pulminary whatever result you get with the reflux meds. Let's get this FINISHED for craps sake. However, a friend of mine the other night said that she once had the temporary athsma. which, as I was feeling like it wasn't a real thing and you were totally getting hosed by the doc, made me feel a little better. still. I wish you had one of my inhalers. it's made all the difference.

  2. I may be a bit sensitive to the whole issue of misdiagnosis right now, but I'm with Misti. This needs to get settled and figured out NOW! NOW Mother F*$&KER!

    Sting's "Every Breath You Take" just popped into my head.

  3. Ladies, ladies, no one is waiting for the prilosec thing before the pulmonary thing. The pulmonary lady is only in the office on Mon, Thurs and some Sat so I have to wait until today to call her and then, presumably wait until she has an appointment available on a Mon, Thurs or Sat. Yes, I'd like to get this finished and I'd really like for it not to be lung cancer or emphysema or whatever. I think the chances are low for those things but, hell, you never know.

  4. Hope you get an appointment for soonsoon, and that the pulmonary doc is wise and has good and helpful news. (p.s. - Prilosec is the devil, glad it's fired.)

  5. I dont think YOU are dragging your feet on this. not at all. have to work within the parameters. absolutely. we're just frustrated. With you. for you. and knowing the days of calling the doc and getting in the same day week or sometimes month, is long gone, it's even more frustrating.

    Keep your resolve strong. You are the only advocate you have for your body and health.