Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photo Challenge: JOY!

I continue to heal but very slowly. When people ask how I am I feel obligated to report progress, I know people want to hear that I'm cured, but I'm not and it makes me feel kind of...lame maybe not to just be over it. It's ok, I don't want more sympathy, I want it to be over too, you know?

Which is all to say that looking at JOY! photos in our Flickr pool has been an especial treat the last couple of weeks. Thanks for everything and I recommend that you swing over there and see all the delight I wasn't able to include there.

By the by, comments create JOY!

Smalltown Mom posted another shot, too, of a younger man enjoying some cake batter. It got a lot of fabulous reaction on Flickr. I decided to feature this one, though. We don't get enough young folks who indulge our funny online habits. Plus, I love corn on the cob and this makes my mouth water.

Seems like it's new puppy week! Falnfenix brought this 8 week old bundle of joy home around the same time NDP's Viggo arrived. Wish I could kiss on this sweet dude, too.

It's been a while since Our Janet posted one of these. I still enjoy the hell out of them. If you can't read this penmanship click through for her translation. It's a story of a truly joyful day.

As some of you know Our Bethany lives just across the street from me. This shot, to me, embodies all the wonderful things about our neighborhood. Probably my biggest regret about this mild winter is that we didn't get more of these moments of camaraderie.

Our Cindy is making good on her plans to develop and expand her garden. Pictured here are some of the most important gardening tools one can have. Incidentally, I decided to set this one after Bethany's because I associate Bethany's stoop with sipping red wine outdoors.

As inspiration for the next prompt I felt like I should post one of Our Lisa's brilliant self portraits. I could not deny these gentlemen and their groove, though. They are not to be ignored!

You know me, when in doubt post a picture of one of "my" dogs. If I'm still in doubt I usually pick one of Bu. There is no being happier than Bu with a ball firmly clamped between his Herculean jaws.

Think of this prompt as an opportunity. SELF. I want to encourage self-portraits of all kinds. With others and by ourselves, with makeup and without, with posing and casual, any way and anything you can devise. I know that some of you customarily add one shot and others always a few. For this one I hope you'll submit a couple. We want to see you. Keep that in mind as you shoot.

Please add your photos to our Flickr photo pool by 9am on Tuesday April 10th for posting on Wednesday April 11th. Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Bethany's picture: That guy has the purest smile on his face. To me that's amazing considering the conditions he's standing in.

    Love all of it.

  2. want to move in? he needs a full-time i was halfway through my shower this morning when the screaming started.

  3. Corn!

    thank you Kizz for doing this...I always like to participate! It gives my pictures something to do besides just stand there.

  4. Cindy, the first snow of the season always has some joy and excitement to it. The 21st, not so much.

    Laura, there's a reason I adopt teens and adults. Not to mention how unsuited the set up of my apartment complex is to house training. I've been walking with my friend who has the puppy then we go and visit with him when we get back. While I wish I could squish him all day I'm not sorry that it's not my responsibility to grow him into a responsible adult. So much pressure! It'll get easier. This part doesn't last forever.

    Janet, I feel exactly the same way about this feature. Otherwise my photos would just sit around not doing anything.

  5. janet said it, perfect. and i think wine on the stoop needs to happen again soon perhaps? not like it's too cold for it anymore!
    and cindy ... that guy's my landlord, and he's one of the happiest people i know, though he's got a boatload of reasons not to be. fabulous man to be around!