Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunnies, No D

I have a practical question. Do you get used to wearing sunglasses eventually? They make me squinty because life is so dark and I can't really see if I'm seeing everything I need to see. Will that stop if I keep wearing them. I don't want to get eye melanoma but I don't want to be all squinty all the time either.


  1. The answer, I'm sorry to say, is... it depends! Really, really dark sunglasses are best when you're in really glaring situations (beach, lake, boat water?). Polarized lenses are good for some circumstances. They now make much better versions of the kind that darken in light.

    Are these prescription?

    When I wore contacts, I loved good sunglasses. Now I'm more ambivalent. But the right pair for the conditions can make you squint less. I have a great non-Rx pair, if you want to give it a test-drive to see whether that would make your adaptation go better...

  2. I wear contacts and I love sunglasses. I find that I squint horribly if I don't have them. Try on different kinds. smaller lenses. bigger lenses. I've never had a squint problem from actually wearing them. they ease my eyes. also the levels of darkness...I go for the big ass jackie o ones. Total coverage. I think you just have to find your just right.

  3. Like your friends above state, when wearing contacts, sunglasses are a must. I find that my eyes are way more sensitive to light than before I started wearing contacts. That was over 20 years ago. Then again, I've been wearing sunglasses since the mid 80s and they're right by my keys to take with me whenever I go out. I don't like them too dark but try on a bunch with different tones. An eye doctor once told me that blue/green tones are harder on the eyes than brownish ones.

    My favourite pair were also the most expensive pair I ever owned... I bought them on Cape Cod when I came through to see you at your mum's Labour Day weekend in 1997. I still have them; they are the only ones that I never lost, broke or sat on. They're Serengeti and had a special anti-glare that is/was awesome. Sadly they are not in fashion at the moment but I know they'll come around again and I'll be ready!

    The ones I currently have I picked up for the equivalent of 5 American dollars in Costa Rica in December after the ones I took with me (only 2 and 1/2 years old!) broke. But I've gotten lots of compliments on them and they do their job so I guess that's what's important.

  4. I think Misti's right. I was never a big sunglasses fan, but I've been hooked ever since buying my first big funky pair. I just bought a new pair that's even more fabulous. They ones I have aren't too dark. I feel they provide enough eye shade to keep me from squinting, but not so much that I can't see if I walk into the house with them on.