Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hot Birthday People

You guys, if you want Hot People posts for your birthdays you need to remind me. I seem to have been backsliding on this particular service.

JRH's birthday was in the middle of the month and finally this week she nudged me for some eye candy. Please follow me down the rabbit hole of our shared TV watching over the course of our friendship.

 I don't know if you saw this in the news. Apparently he was driving his girlfriend to the airport and the beautiful vintage car failed so he called her a cab and pushed the car to a gas station.

Recognize this guy?

And, I always have to end with this one. He is, after all, responsible in part for the strength of our bond.


  1. 1. that pic of RDJ - wowsa!!! I want that on MY birthday!!!

    2. my first ex husband repairs karman ghias and old volkswagen buses in I think Washington state, so I hear

  2. It had to be an orange MG. Oh Pacey.

    Happy Birthday JRH!