Friday, April 20, 2012

It's been a good day for neighborhood hanging out. This photo (from the iPhone, did I mention my new iPhone? What about the fancy camera on my pretty iPhone?) is of one of the things I've been absolutely loving about the nabe lately. With the riot of tulips you might not recognize this yard but you've seen it before. Look closely and you'll notice the remnants of the following photo (taken last fall, before I had an iPhone).


  1. I like the change in seasons.

  2. nice comparison, and yay for new iphones! good day for neighborhood indeed ... had one impromptu playdate after another, one for the elder and one for the younger, that spanned 4pm to 11pm. both neighbors, both delightful. time to plan that wine on the stoop, yes? i've had enough for tonight though ...

  3. Tell the person that owns that garden that it is LOVELY- I want it! I've got six tulips up thus far, but they're baby, early blooming ones. I hope no one steals them from my front patch this year, like they did last year. If the garden above was out front of my house, it would be GONE. (The pumpkin is nicely carved too.)

    I too went looking at new cell phones on Friday. However, I think the iPhone is too much phone for me; you know what I'm like with technology. However, my almost four year old phone IS falling apart so it does need an upgrade... to something.