Tuesday, April 17, 2012

News x10

This is what I've got for today. I think you'll like it.

1. Last year this time I was recently back from China. This year Kitty from New York Portraits is in China with her dad. She went and visited the same chunk of the Great Wall that we did and she does a little more specific explaining than I ever did.

2. An interview in which Michele Bachman rails agains President Obama's Healthcare plan because it doesn't give women enough choice. And she keeps a straight face while doing it.

3. A lot of folks are talking about this new HBO series, Girls. It's supposed to be all hipster and cool and raw and whatnot. Came across an interesting graphic about the stars. (From what I hear, though, there's plenty of nudity so the graphic isn't getting it all right.)

4. I've been reading Chiara's Ampersand for years. Recently, after wondering if she was done blogging forever, she used the blog to write out the tough things about caring for her mother, who has cancer. Yesterday's post about how lucky they are and how lucky they might not have been is wonderful.

5. I don't know much about Sojourner Truth but I know that I love this quote about being a woman.

6. On Saturday we "celebrated" the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Through all the coverage I wondered about the class makeup of the survivors. Right on queue Lindsay posted a breakdown of survivors by class. Too few overall no matter how you slice it.

7. According to a TN abstinence bill hand holding is a gateway to premarital sex and should be strongly discouraged. Because forbidding kids to do stuff has worked so well historically.

8. Apparently GOP candidates keep thinking John Mellencamp's music is for them. Like for free and even if they don't listen to the lyrics or get the point. Fortunately the singer doesn't tire of politely correcting them.

9. Speaking of the Titanic. It turns out that a lot of people, even fans of the movie, didn't realize it was a retelling of an actual event. Leon over the The Edible Torah has some words to say about the importance of telling all our stories, even the sad ones.

10. Ending on a laugh is good, right? I have only watched snippets of President Obama reading Where the Wild Things Are to a group of kids but I have loved every tiny bit of it. He can read me a bedtime story any time he likes.

Might have 10 more of these for you later. You never know.


  1. I think there's a broken link at the Edible Torah, and I REALLY want to see the whole thing, because there's some bruhaha going on in my senior class about the (particularly difficult) book we're reading, and I'm thinking that this post might help to bolster my argument....

  2. Catherine1:42 PM

    Re: #7

    The NYTimes reports teen pregnancies are at their lowest point since the forties. I suspect that is more due to Internet porn than education. Banning hand holding * could work* in this universe, where no one meets in reality.

  3. as always, you had a great bunch of links!

  4. 8. He wears blue jeans! He's from Indiana! He must share our "American" values!

    What? Really?

  5. Miflohny1:54 PM

    The school I went to for HS was 7th - 12th grade. A new vice principal came in one year and initiated a rule against hand holding - apparently those in the upper grades were supposed to refrain from hand holding in order to set a "good example" for the lower grades. She was roundly ridiculed by the students, especially since the rule was written in such a way that it forbade shaking hands with someone.

    Meanwhile, my (I think 8th grade) health teacher was a pervert (along with many other teachers at the school) and my (I think 10th grade) health teacher never mentioned birth control and was incapable of saying "sex" - he would say, "um, extracurricular activities" instead!