Monday, April 16, 2012

Runners Take Your Marks

This face is running the Boston Marathon today. The rest of her body is, too. That's Our Julie, aka JRH, and if she hasn't started already she'll step off in about 10 minutes. I've signed up for text alerts to follow her progress.

The weather is supposed to be hot and humid. Race officials are worried about runner injury so they've given an automatic deferment option to any runner who wants it. Our girl does not want.

I trust she'll take the race exactly her own way but I'm also sure she could use some thoughts of encouragement. Boston is, of course, a race whose route culminates in something called Heartbreak Hill. So please put your virtual hands together, blow your virtual vuvuzelas, and sprinkle magic fairy dust through the internet for her. I know she'll be able to feel it.


  1. I'm on it... the bulk of my energy and intention are focused on Boston today...

  2. Have you ever done that thing where you thought the herb you chose had a grate on it and when you open the lid to dash some into your dish, whole bunch comes out because there's no grid? That's what I just did with the fairy dust for Julie. I didn't just sprinkle it, I poured it in. GO JULIE! You are amazing.