Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo Challenge: SUMMER

Today's the kind of day that I feel pretty fucking lucky to have these photo challenges. The little things nipping at my heels are pinning me down. The freedom and beauty of these pictures have lifted me up. So, as ever, thank you so much for that.

Please give your love to the photographers and scroll down for the next prompt. Anyone can enter. It's easy as pie! (Mmmm, pie.)

he loves to drive
It seems that Our Bethany and I share a love for road trips. I especially like the summer ones where it seems like you can move your own safe little world across the universe. Looks like she's got a pretty trusty (at first I typed that trysty, totally different) pilot, too.

Energy Drain
I'm including this shot of and by Our Lisa because I think it's brave. I don't mean brave in the slightly derogatory sense of "Look at her showing a bright sunlit close up of her face and she's over 19! My goodness, that's brave." I mean it's brave to feel something and decide to capture it and share it with people you don't even know. This is a glorious photo.

Every summer of my childhood is inside this image from Mousepower1. I can feel it, smell it, and taste it. The butter drips down my chin, which is super awkward while I'm trying to type. It's the saddest happy picture ever.

This is one of my regular happy accidents. They don't all turn out this usable. I love that we celebrate summer and Alita in a parade every year and that, even as she gets old and wise, she still loves it.

If you like food you should check in on Our Janet's flickr stream often. She and her Dave make some meals that inspire me to climb into the pictures like Mary Poppins into that chalk drawing.

Sometimes you make the problem your solution, you know? Given my introduction to this post let's use FREEDOM as our prompt. That's nicely appropriate since we're heading into the Independence Day week.

Please add your photos to our Flickr photo pool by 9am on Tuesday July 10th for posting on Wednesday July 11th. Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. I beg to differ.

    You'll get in here next time.

  2. why does summer scream food to me, when i do the least cooking? corn and bruchetta are making me drool, and love the shot of Alita. Great collection!

  3. Nice manpic, Bethany! Lisa, what amazing eyelashes you have! Mmmmm, corn! Love the pic of Alita and bubbles! And that bruschetta shot was taken in a restaurant!

    Hmmm, do you think I used my quota of exclamation points in this post?