Sunday, June 24, 2012

Story Dam


Busy busy weekend. Not enough time to do more than tweet, really. Expect many pictures of the Mermaid Parade this week. Not a few stories, either. We've got the SUMMER photo challenge happening (still time to join!). I've got a busy week ahead, too, with work and singing and being an audience member and selling caramel and making sure my dog hasn't forgotten he has a grown up. Keep the faith. I'll pop up when I can.

I Love When This Happens


  1. This is the FIRST week, that I have absolutely zero things on my calendar. We have Freaky Friday'd. Stay cool, stay sane, we'll all be here when you bubble up again! xoxo

  2. The cart needs to be an extension of the costume you all take turns with. Turn it into a seahorse.

    I need to post pictures for the challenge. I'm sure there's something in there I can use.