Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Theme Week!

AnchoredI didn't plan it this way but apparently I'm just going to talk about happiness this week. This is not because the world around me has been injecting happiness into my life at every turn but more because I keep having Happiness Project-related things speak to me.

"Happiness comes not from having more, not from having less, but from wanting what you have." - Gretchen Rubin

There's so much in there to work on I could do a whole degree in it. My mom wants all her stuff but does she want the stuff or does she want the security of having "enough" stuff? I want all my sentimental gew gaws but do I want the gews and gaws or do I either not want the giver to be mad at me or not want to forget the attached sentiment? Do people who are expert purgers want the space or do they just not want to be reminded of some things?

I haven't even broached the subject of Costco yet.

Let's think about that for a while. If you come up with anything I need to know please speak up.

I'll be back later with a picture or two.


  1. I try to keep things moving. If I don't need the things I have, I try to find a new home for them. But you're right, sometimes the weight of memory or history keeps me from letting go. Often, I'm hanging on with the hope that things will return to the way they were back when I enjoyed the thing. I'm not actually enjoying the thing anymore.

    In any case, it's good to consider what our objects are doing for us, how they're serving us. I have this GIANT ottoman I don't need simply because it matches my giant chair. I have to call the thrift store and get them to pick it up, despite the fact that OMG it matches so they belong together.

  2. I don't believe expert purgers are actively avoiding being reminded of some things - it's more that they're able to move on, and also are confident that they won't lose the attachment, the memory, the sentiment, and maybe the person.

    I think it's good to revisit choices we've made to keep things. I've kept a lot of stuff for years that one day I was easily able to let go. Not that I'm so great at letting go. I do like giving things away.

    I'm going to wander through the house with a giant trash bag, thank you. And maybe hang a few non-trash items on the fence out front.

  3. My sister and I are doing the happiness project. Together. And that would be because of you. I am very excited. We don't get many things we can do together. Just us. Thank you.