Tuesday, July 03, 2012

10 Brains on Holiday

Beer & Ice CreamI have assessed my job requirements and decided that leaving at about 3 will work out just fine. (My office phone has not rung since late last Wednesday. All of my filing is up to date. My desk is as clean as it ever gets.) As a result I'm not sure I can think of 10 related things or 10 things related to anything. I don't have to come back to work until Monday. Don't get me wrong, I have stuff to do, but it won't be going to the office for my j.o.b. Hey, let's see if I'm doing 10 things between now and next Monday. I bet I am.

1. Calling my dad, it's his birthday today.

2. Going to the Statue of Liberty (1st Ferry tomorrow morning).

3. Visiting Ellis Island (feeling lucky it's included in the price of the Liberty Island Ferry and I can get another part of a Life List Item knocked off).

4. Trying to ensure that my pets don't learn to be wigged out by local or regional fireworks. (I cannot count the number of times I've read this today; "More dogs run away on July 4th than on any other day of the year." Mine won't be running away I don't think but we sure don't need a lifelong phobia.)

5. Hugging Our Cindy (again, actually, since I started that yesterday).

6. Voice lesson.

7. Practicing for the aforementioned voice lesson.

8. Napping (I should feel bad for all the napping I did this weekend but I totally don't and I can't wait to do it again).

9. Watching the 2nd episode of The Newsroom and I fully expect to enjoy it. Will I write about it, too? I sure hope so.

10. Taking a bunch of pictures with my camera and my phone and all my fancy apps. Stay tuned!

What are you doing with the rest of this week?


  1. I watched the first and half of the second episode of The Newsroom. As expected, it was amazing.

    The rest of this week, I'm heading to the White Mountains, and hoping my new dog walker can deal with Wolf (she owns two shibas, so I'm thinking yes).

  2. Miflohny2:58 PM

    The dog that shared our home until I was about 16 had a fear of thunderstorms - not surprising, since he was either struck by lightning or almost struck by lightning once. I want to say that he was struck by lightning, but that seems so improbable, that I must have the story wrong.

    If there was ever a thunderstorm, he would force himself onto someone's lap, despite the fact that he was a bit to big at 40 pounds to be described as a lap dog.

    If a thunderstorm hit and he was at home alone he would, paradoxically, make his way outside, via his dog door, and find a way over or under our fence - something he couldn't even dream of doing under normal circumstances.

    Once free, he would run, often into traffic, prompting many hours of searching as soon as we got home.

    Luckily, we always found him.