Saturday, July 21, 2012

50 Shades of Friends

Clemo with Stars!

A few weeks ago I was thinking about birthdays in July. That led to birthdays in general, my birthdays, the birthday I had in Michigan. After a little bit of math I'd figured out that Clemo would be turning 50 this year. This month. Today.

Clemo Chomp

Misti, Dion, and I talked about it a little. We wanted to do something to mark the day but figuring out something we could afford that would say what we wanted to say took a tiny bit more math. We decided to spam him.

That's the traditional 50th Birthday gift, right? Spam?

Clemo Color

We each printed out a picture of John and we took it around with us. Then I spent my day posting them to his Facebook wall. He hasn't responded yet. I think he's either working very hard or on vacation. Can't remember if he said he was going away. Whenever he sees what we've done I hope it gives him a laugh.

We may not have much but we've got love and humor.

Clemo & His Love

Happy birthday, friend!


  1. I think he'll get a giggle. I had fun, and thought about him all day long. That's a nice thing to have on one's birthday.

  2. I thought I'd delurk, and say kudos! There's nothing that says friendship more than a good spamming!

  3. I was a ROCK STAR for a day! One of the best Birthdays EVER.

    See you at 60!

    And by the way: when you are loved by these three people, you are well and TRULY loved.

    1. it's not a one way street my friend. You've lead the Love Brigade many a time.