Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Putting Cream

Tweetable Photo of Itchy ChupacabraI don't know if you've met my dog. Don't know how you could have avoided it, either. He' a big personality. At least that's what my neighbors all say. I think it's like when your kid's report card says, "willful." Everybody knows it means, "stubborn-ass pain in my patoot" but we appreciate the pleasantry. Most willful kids are also clever and funny. So too my dog balances his explosiveness with more positive attributes. He is cuddly and charming just for a start. He's often good for a laugh, too, thank goodness. Sometimes he can take some credit, even if he's one step removed from the joke.

I often call him The Chupacabra. As you may know a chupacabra is a mythical beast often found in the southerly parts of the Americas. It is a canine-like creature known for a fearsome grimace and tearing goats limb from limb.

Last night I snapped a funny picture of Eddie (shown here without even the benefit of a modesty patch) scratching some itch he'd been working on for a while. (He has allergies. He's a delicate flower.) I tweeted it with the caption, "The chupacabra has a persistent itch."

Unbeknownst to me someone tweets under the handle @theChupacabra. Apparently they're pretty good at searching for uses of the term, too. When I checked my "interactions" on Twitter this morning I found that @theChupacabra had retweeted my photo with the following addition, "I'm putting cream."

Is that hilarious or did it strike me at just the right angle of funny? I've been laughing at it all day, even going back to look at the actual tweet because for some reason reading it is funnier than remembering it.

"I'm putting cream." It's killing me!

Tell me another one. What's nudging your funny bone today?


  1. today was a hell day for me, so I didn't do much laughing. I did come up for a break around 4, and looked at the salsa video of Michael and Steph from Taos. Colleen had made a habanero sauce. A hot sauce. NOT salsa. it had about 20-30 habanero peppers in it. She made it especially for Michael, who clearly has the constitution for the stuff. Steph however, squeeked. DID YOU JUST LET US DO THAT???

    I was doing Colleen's hair at the time this was happening, so my focus was there, not on the hot food eating going on behind me. I'm so glad that someone recorded it. If I've watched it once, I've watched it 50 times since returning. at least ten times today.

    it does make me giggle.

  2. A thinks the word "armpit" is hilarious. He laughs out loud at just the sound of the word.

    Armpit. Armpit. Armpit.

  3. My Father actually quoted a formula that proves that it is entirely possible for there to exist more Horse's Asses than there are actual Horses. It made me chuckle.