Friday, July 20, 2012

Use Your Voice Joyfully

UntitledI was going to tell you about something else today. Then it seemed like talking about the movie theatre shooting was what I should do. Honestly, I haven't even been able to read much about it so writing about it is out of the question. I did find one thing that helped me think about it and another thing that made me laugh and cry and feel a little bit better. It would be selfish not to share.

1. Over at Blogher MarfMom, someone I remember fondly from Blogher 2011, is asking people not to make assumptions about who is at fault for not stopping the shooting before it even became a plan. In the process she points out the ways in which getting help for the shooter, if help is indeed what he required, might have been derailed.

2. Over at Shakesville this classical flash mob in Spain was on offer as an antidote for the hard feelings of today. Maybe you think classical music or a flash mob or even Spain is stupid. I would counter that even if it's not exactly your cup of tea the experience of being surrounded by a gigantic piece of music is transporting. Can it do its work via a dinky little online video? Depends. Fortunately you can see the audience being transformed and that is just as uplifting.

Be good to you and yours people.

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