Monday, July 30, 2012

Worth At Least 1,000

My Weekend

This picture sort of perfectly encapsulates my entire weekend. That's Eddie at my feet, Elvis* playing flat cat on my knee, Anna guarding my back. They like it when I sit in one place so they can keep an eye (or a paw or an ass) on me. The hat is for unwashed hair, the clothes are suitable for the park, there's an ever-present glass of dilute vitamin water on the coffee table.

I'm watching the Olympics. So much of the Olympics. For two days I basically taped NBC and MSNBC and flipped between them so I could fast forward through the commercials and bits I was bored with and gather as much intel as possible. The computer is open to my left for fact checking and the tweeting of important jokes. This was probably my best one, "They keep specifying that it's "foil fencing." Is there also waxed paper fencing and clingfilm fencing?"

The photo was taken by Pony Express who joined me for much of the watching. These are the kinds of days that keep me from letting go of cable TV. If I didn't have it we wouldn't be able to have these lost weekends.

Lest you think I lost the entire weekend I did actually wash my floors, cook and pack healthy foods for lunches, help at a friend's stoop sale, feed Our Bethany's pets, have dinner with R & Sara, and take my dog to the park for over an hour each morning. Still, mostly Olympics.

It only happens every 2 years, right?

*His new name is Toothless O'Gummerton but that's a story for another day. 


  1. loveLOVE this picture of you and the herd!

  2. Yay... more cat pictures (and dog)! Those animals soooooo own you.