Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here We Go Again

I've been starring posts and ignoring them as long as I can but it's probably time to run down some political links before I explode. That'll be my new weapon in the War on Women, I'll just explode without warning. Terrible mess. Who's going to clean that up, I ask you?

Just 10. Only 10. Promise.

Untitled 1. My friend, Spoon, spoke to the "legitimate rape" atrocity this morning.

"But I hope Cong. Akin sticks to his guns. I see absolutely no difference between his policy, Mr. Ryan's policy or Mr. Romney's policy. I see only a difference in honesty. I find all three of these men's positions on women's issues to closely match those of the Taliban. I don't support the Taliban or their positions.  

But the Taliban, and Cong. Akin, are at least honest. And I can respect honesty on any subject, and the debate which honest statements engender."

In this post from Shakesville Senator Mitch McConnell says, "Although Representative Akin has apologized, I believe he should take time with his family to consider whether this statement will prevent him from effectively representing our party in this critical election."

McConnell doesn't say that he doesn't agree with the substance of Akin's assertions, he makes it clear that the way he conveyed them was improper. Let us all please agree that anyone qualifying the type of rape that's indefensible and using that as a way to legitimize squelching women's humanity is condoning rape and therefore is not fit to govern.

2. On the flip side President Barack Obama, whose record on choice and women's issues is far from brilliant but better than his opponents', said all the right things in response to Akin's dangerous asshattery.  

3. This might not qualify precisely as politics. It's not about the current election or a bill before our legislature but it's a key underlying factor. Pamela Ribon wrote a post to address something she'd heard on a screenwriting podcast. She turns in an essay on women and the way we approach feedback, adversity, and our careers. It's brilliant and inspiring no matter what your gender so I think you should read it.
The Lip
4. In a similar vein, Our Cindy wrote a laser-accurate post on our health care system. She posits that, while the problem of how to pay for our health care is urgent, it is equally urgent to address how we are treated by healthcare professionals. It's something that is constantly on my mind and I'm grateful she brought it up.

5. You already know I'm a Get Out The Vote crusader. I learned this week that you can use an online resource to register to vote in New York State. If you don't live in New York State I beg you to double check your voter status and polling place. This is an important election (they all are!) and some of the rules are quietly changing. I want your vote to be counted.

6. So, rather than releasing more detailed information about his taxes Mitt Romney decided to simply talk about them. In his familiar ham-fisted way he takes pride in a tax rate that most of us making far less than he does would be frightened to admit to if we ever got it. Don't worry that's not possible for us and certainly won't become so if he's elected. I would write this whole thing off as his absolute ignorance of how real people live except for the way he phrases it, ""I just have to say, given the challenges that America faces—23 million people out of work, Iran about to become nuclear, one out of six Americans in poverty—the fascination with taxes I've paid I find to be very small-minded compared to the broad issues that we face. But I did go back and look at my taxes and over the past 10 years..." Not only does he belittle people asking for far more relevant information than his party asked from a previous presidential candidate but he then nanny-states his response. "Oh I looked at my taxes so you wouldn't have to worry your pretty little head about it." I fear Mr. Romney has mistaken  the American public for a sea of Betty Drapers. I don't believe even Betty Draper would vote for this sinkhole.
7. Now, I'm no fan of Chris Brown but when you put his name in this list and then evaluate the celebrity offenders for race I'm more likely to measure my response next time his career comes up in conversation.

8. A gay rights ally walked into an anti-gay organization's office and started shooting. It is, of course, creating a lot of press. If there's anything to like about this it's that a number of LGBT groups banded together swiftly and released a joint statement that unequivocally condemned the use of violence to support their causes.

9. A while ago there was a debate in comments here about how Obama has handled gun laws. In this article from Shakesville about the frontman for Megadeth accusing the President of staging the recent mass shootings we get a run down of POTUS' record on the issues. It should set gun enthusiasts' minds at ease.

10. I want to close with Dr. Willie Parker on how he reconciles his practice of providing abortion services with his beliefs. You may want to grab a hankie before you click. One word: Hero.

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