Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Photo Challenge: HURDLE

So, it seems that I used HURDLE as a prompt before. It was a couple of years ago but still slightly peeved that I'm already repeating myself. Probably time to make a list of the prompts so I can check myself. Thankfully I have a fantastic list-making app for that!

Since we had 3 photographers this time around I decided to do 2 pics from each, just for fun. Please give them all the commenty love you can spare. Also, scroll down and join us for the next one!

Inside the old barn
I didn't become friendly with Our Janet until after the bulk of her cancer treatment was ended. Sometimes she'll share a shot from that time, like this one of part of the process of cleaning out her family home for sale, and it makes my heart hurt.

Fried Dough
Fried dough was a staple celebratory food when Our Lisa and I were growing up. I suppose it's a testament to how careful we both are about not growing up too much that she recorded her delight in fried dough when she made her annual pilgrimage to our homeplace this year. My mouth is watering.

There was a moment when we the assembled weren't sure if this hardy groomsman was going to be able to get his charges to do anything but walk stoically down the aisle. Once she saw the petals float to the ground like this, though, she was on board with the plan.

max, jumping
Our Janet's dear Max who died this year. He is heartily missed.

Mud Race
When I first saw this shot of Our Lisa's son I thought, "I could do a mud run, it would be fun!" Dude, I could not do a mud run, I would not have fun. But this guy? He's a warrior!

For almost 12 years now there has been bloodshed in my house when trying to crate up this cat. New carrier. Cat enters voluntarily. Sure wish we could have reached this milestone a lot sooner.

I never got on the color prompt bandwagon but I like it. I also like to mix it up a little. I like leaving plenty of room for interpretation. Therefore, I decree the next challenge to be RED/READ. Bring your imagination to the challenge!

Please add your photos to our Flickr photo pool by 9am on Tuesday September 4th for posting on Wednesday September 5th. I am leaving for 10 days in Italy the night of the 5th so please be prompt in your entries, I don't want to be late to the plane. Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Lisa's son SURE has a warrior look on his face! Talk about intense!

    Just wanted to say that was the barn I took the picture in ... the house didn't look that bad inside ;-)

    My Maxie-pad!!! A friend dubbed him that lol.

    What amusement park is that?

  2. Sorry, I did know it was the barn but didn't specify properly.

    That's Canobie Lake Park. It was the go to amusement park for people in our area.

  3. love them all, esp the leaping Max and mud warrior ones! and damn i missed it again. off to enter NOW or I'll never remember the next one!

  4. I was wondering if that was Canobie! My Dave's kids and grands love to go there. He has fond memories of his Dad taking him and his 8 siblings there on the 4th of July.

    And thanks, Bethany :-)

  5. Miflohny1:51 PM

    All it took was a new carrier! Man, if only he could have told you that! What's the magical difference between the two?