Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Photo Challenge: HISTORY/MYSTERY

It's hard to believe that it's photo challenge time again. Going to a foreign country during the challenge period will do that to you. Loving that we've got a bunch of entrants this time around. Hope more of you will continue to join (scroll down for the next prompt).

Here are the results, can't wait to read your comments!

Samuel Adams, Elected Governor of Massachusetts, 1794-'97
Repeated viewings of 1776 have left me with a soft spot for Samuel, wait, that was John Adams. Our Janet is honoring Samuel. He's the beer guy, right?

The Graham Family
This is one of Our Cindy's shots from our Ellis Island adventure with Chrome on the 4th of July. We had the best time stalking the memorial wall looking for ancestors.

roebling bridge
Soon Our Bethany will be driving across this bridge regularly. This bridge is nowhere near my apartment. That's a problem.

I know this was a very important building in Rome. I don't know why there was only one guy sitting on the steps.

Jefferson Rock, Harpers Ferry, WV
Kccinnova is giving me another reason to reference 1776! Apparently Thomas Jefferson stood here. Cool, but did he sing "But, Mr. Adams" while he was standing?

Lost River
Our Lisa sends me most of the photos she takes in a family newsletter format and yet almost every photo challenge she enters something I've never seen before. This is a mystery indeed. I like it!

Jellies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Our Alisun knows how to give me the ol' razzle dazzle so I don't notice when her entry is slightly tardy. Jellyfish are mesmerizing, no?

Some of you may know that Our Bethany is moving away (she lives across the street from me). In honor of her move (you get how hard it is for me to honor the move, right?) the new prompt is GO/STAY. She may be too busy to enter but she'll know we're thinking of her as she gets settled at the next stop on her journey.

Please add your photos to our Flickr photo pool by 9am on Tuesday October 2nd for posting on Wednesday October 3rd. Shoot me your questions if you need help, I'll be around. Thanks for making this feature so much fun!


  1. I don't *feel* tardy...

    Great shots, folks!

  2. Great selections! Darn it, I keep missing the boat on these challenges.

  3. love the jellyfish shot! Those are always amazing to me. Like Jimmy Buffet said:

    they're just simple protoplasm
    clear as cellophane
    they ride the winds of fortune
    life without a brain

    love the bridge, but sorry she's leaving...