Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Photo Challenge: RED/READ

I love having a photo challenge be the last thing I post before I leave town for a while. It's nice to leave your home tidy and beautiful. Our Bethany is graciously guest hosting my home while I'm away. She'll remind you about the next photo challenge (prompt below) and hopefully post any little updates I can manage to email to her from Italia. She's got free run of the joint, who knows what she'll put up here, I trust her and look forward to reading it!

On to the pictures!

unreadable thoughts
This one of Our Bethany's youngest speaks volumes to me. It's a rare moment of stillness and a common sense of intensity from F that she's captured perfectly.

Going Out
How could I not include this? I love these glasses, Our Lisa, and how smoking hot she looks in the aforementioned glasses.

This is my friend, E. She is usually quite bright and sunny. I love that the redness of this is everywhere; her dress, her face, her rage. The fact that it's not perfectly focused seems to enhance all that.

children's classics
Our Janet went for the classics with this one. I think the only place I ever saw these in person was at the camp my grandparents owned in Maine.

Since I'm going to an ancient place and looking at very important historical things I think we should use the following Slash Prompt (tm. ME!): HISTORY/MYSTERY.

Please add your photos to our Flickr photo pool by 9am on Tuesday September 18th for posting on Wednesday September 19th. If you leave a comment here Bethany will do her best to answer any questions before I get back on the 14th. Can't wait to see what I find when I return!


  1. Lisa, love those red glasses! And Kizz, the expression and all on E is perfect, she really had a rough one! And Janet I love old books, they just feel better in your hands and somehow make the words seem more significant. Looks like a beautiful corner too.

  2. bethany, it was taken at Howard Hughes' ranch in Nevada :-)

    love all the shades of red in these shots!

  3. fyi there's a tech issue with posting from Italy, but she'll be back soon!