Sunday, October 28, 2012


UntitledI don't even know what to say about this. I don't want to sound too excited but I also don't want to minimize the issue. How do I lead into it so that I don't surprise you?

There's a hurricane coming.

This afternoon I developed a new arm workout. I stood in line at the deli carrying my weekly veggies and my dog through the line that results from being a day away from a hurricane in an urban area. It's a good thing I've been cleared from going to work for the next two days, I probably won't be able to raise my hands high enough to wash my hair for at least that long.

Which, I suppose, may not be a problem if we lose power and we are, of course, in an area that's listed as very likely to lose power. I have no working flashlights but I do have candles and matches. We'll be fine, though I won't be super happy about wandering around in the dark. I'm a baby like that. The biggest challenge now is planning out when to walk the pooch to avoid his discomfort and our both being brained by debris or blown away to Oz.

For anyone who hasn't heard the specs about what's going down here I'll run them down. The subways began shutting down 22 minutes ago. Buses start at 9pm. The hurricane is set to make landfall just South of the city tomorrow night. The worst of the winds and other conditions are expected from noon tomorrow to noon Tuesday. The storm surge is of concern. Zone A, the first of the three flooding evacuation zones, has been ordered to evacuate to shelters. School has been canceled for tomorrow. 

We're actively trying not to panic. In fact fingers are crossed for something as anticlimactic as possible. Preparedness is good, though, so I'll be here quietly doing the right thing.

Right after I finish these potato chips.


  1. yay for potato chips and candles! hugs to you and the Edster, and may the power stay with you.

  2. Mr. Coco was a ZOO. You'd have laughed and laughed. Hope you guys are safe out there in the woods! xo

  3. I can only imagine! The crowd shuffling through line at the Exxon down the road was quite the sight earlier tonight ... beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets, deli meats seemed to be the prized items of the night, rather like a macabre Last Call. Winds just starting to pick up a bit here, ready as we can be.