Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10. And then...

Supporting Local BusinessThis being, for many folks, the last day of poking around the internet before we're elbow deep in flour, up to our wheel bases in traffic, or in a triptophan coma I thought I'd give you some other things to read.

1. Perhaps you've read about Savita Halappanavar? She was living in Ireland when she discovered that her pregnancy wasn't viable. Ireland has strict laws against abortion. None. Ever. None of the time. After a few days of continuing and increasing pain, knowing the fetus was dying or dead, she begged doctors (Hippocratic Oath anyone?) for an abortion. In the absence of one, she died. This story, this woman, this pregnancy are why I am adamant about the use of the term anti-choice. Pro-life doesn't mean what people want you to think it means.

2. Chookooloonks is doing some Thanksgiving posting and she wrote about her lovely daughter's deep-seated aversion to change. My heart goes out to Alex. I feel exactly the same.

3. Just a quote about what things are considered "career-ending" and what are not. Dead people? We'll give you a second chance. Adultery? Where'd I put my flaming torch?

Untitled 4. I don't know enough about Gaza to be clear where to stand. Well, I think I know that it's fucking intensely complicated and therefore there are an infinite number of places to stand and you're never going to agree with everyone, or maybe even a majority but that's it and it's not terribly helpful. Here are some facts, though. I think they're a decent place to start our research.

5. Did you know how the Nancy Drew mysteries (and the Hardy Boys and the Bobbsey Twins) were made? James Patterson models some of his production on this now. I actually did know but mercifully discovered it after my Nancy Drew phase had come to a close. I'd still go back and read them, though.

6. Here are some thoughts about how to help Sandy victims over Thanksgiving. There are options whether you're near or far from the destruction. Just an aside here, the coverage is probably dying down if you don't live near the affected areas, that doesn't mean that the problem is solved. A lot of people (a whole fucking lot) still don't have power, heat, transportation, food, and homes to name but a few things. Consider trying to demolish or rinse your possessions in cold water and returning at sundown to lock yourself in your dark, cold home with only a cold sandwich for dinner. Recovery efforts continue. We hope the support will also.

Untitled 7. I've followed Steven Falk for a long time. Partly because of his general awesomeness and partly because I really think I went to college with him but I'm not certain and have not yet found confirmation. Anyway, he had a great success that was canceled before we all got to see the results and he writes about it in a lovely way. I especially like his post script about staffing his writers' room.

8. You know how simple stuff can be the funniest stuff? Well, Schmutzie did something simply hilarious. You'll probably want to click through to the link that explains where it came from. That's funny, too.

9. Do you have any photoshop skills? There's a movement afoot to restore family photos and keepsakes that were ruined in the storm surge. If you have the talents you can help.

10. It'd be nice to end on a high note, right? This comic from The Oatmeal about creating things on the web for a living is pretty awesome even if you don't do that. I especially like the panels about reading comments. In my life recently it also applies to neighbors. 1000 awesome neighbors and I love everything about where I live and how the community functions and I want to tongue kiss the masses. 1000 awesome neighbors and one bastard and I'm inconsolable and hate everything about everyone, even the cat.



  1. So many cool places to visit from this post!

    Have you heard of Hover? What do you think of it?

    I posted on FB the "10 Days of Thanksgiving: Home" because I loved what it had to say...and ask.

    Sooner or later I'll post "10 Days of Thanksgiving: Unexpected Kindnesses" because I wholeheartedly agree with most of those 10 things :-)

    #10 - bwahahahaha!

    #2 I forwarded to a friend who's going through some [not dire] unexpected changes in her job.

    Thanks, Kizz! Always so interesting :-)

  2. I don't know what HOVER is. Please tell me more!

    Is your friend Aunt Snow? She and I cybertalked a little today about her changes in approach. Such a grind getting a new gig.

  3. Debbie in AZ9:56 PM

    Just a note to say thank you for your blog and faithfully posting about your life, observations, opinions,and, of course, Eddie. I'm a faithful reader though I very rarely comment. I appreciate you! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Debbie in AZ

  4. Aw Debbie,

    You made my day. Thanks so much for reading and for taking time out to comment during this busy week.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Yay! All this with pictures of wine... and CATS in baskets. What could be better? Interesting re the one author in charge of all those childhood mystery novels- I always thought the Bobbsey Twins one were written by a husband/wife team, but it seems I am mistaken... They are formulaic, but boy, I loved them all at the time. And Trixie Beldon- I wonder if he had a hand in her mysteries too....

    Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving; last year we did both the Canuck (my side) and American (his side) because the year before we did both on the same day (following the Canuck tradition cuz that's when our holiday is) and it was exhausting, but not sure if the latter will happen this year... too much happening on my side of the family at present. I think we need a weekend off.

    I still have yummy dreams about your sweet potato pie, though... I finally found a recipe this year but didn't have time to try it out due to being in a play...