Friday, November 16, 2012

And Another Thing

HydrationIn addition to the whole NaBloPoMo thing I did a 30 day photo project that ended earlier this week. Did I even tell you about it? I can hardly remember. Noah Scalin wrote us up and everything, it was very nice.

Do you remember ages ago a book came out called A Year of Mornings? Two friends who live on opposite sides of the country took a picture a day in the mornings. They then made a book juxtaposing all those pictures. I loved that project even though I don't own the book and am not entirely confident I'll be able to find a link to it. (Found it!)

I wanted to learn more about taking and processing photos with my phone. I asked my friend, Chris, if she'd do a 30 day project with me, she could choose the topic. She decided food and off we went.

First I want to clarify that, after my archiving debacle with my 365 hand shots, 30 days I can do! It got dicey once but I held on. I also managed to do exactly what I set out to do, talk to my friend more often and learn about my camera phone. I didn't do anything scientific but I played around with all the different apps I have and it worked out really nicely. I know now that I do enjoy Instagram because it's the easy way out and the quicker gratification but I can also do some super cool stuff with Snapseed so when I feel like playing around that's an option. I still don't entirely understand Hipstamatic but it's easy enough so I can just keep at it.

That's not all I learned, though. Dude, I do not have fun with my food. It's well documented that I resent the time spent making meals but, boy howdy, the way I eat is weird. I eat the same food in the same places at the same times most days of the week. The food I eat is not exceptionally pretty, even though it tastes good. I do not engage all the senses that's for sure. It's hard to explain but fortunately I took 30 pictures so you can see for yourself. I honestly don't know yet if it's something I'm going to try and change about myself.

That was fun, though, and I'm so grateful to Chris for joining me. Not sure what I'll do next but, considering that someone recently gifted me with a whole bunch of acrylic paints, it might be a 1 painting per week project. We shall see...


  1. It's easier to start a 365 day on Jan 1st. That just makes it easier to keep track of. But still...keeping it organized can be HARD. Great job with the 30 day project!

  2. Congrats on finishing this project! Definitely keep me updated on future ones!

  3. Look at you, with all your creativity popping up all over the place- the cabaret, this project, NaBloPoMo... and now painting?!? I love it, love, love it!!