Thursday, November 08, 2012

Bubbler (aka Water Fountain)

UntitledThis post has nothing to do with bubblers but I feel like I've got plenty to say and not a quarter ounce of gumption to say it. Suddenly yesterday I was just....done. Probably today is a good day to round up some links. We need a little variety now, right?

First and foremost, Our Misti, is co-producing one of Listen To Your Mother's new venues. I couldn't be more excited for you. LTYM is in 24 cities for 2013 so please look for the one near you and consider auditioning.

This woman, Julie Bell, apparently makes felt "quiet books" for her kids. This Harry Potter one is intense. I do not have the patience for all the beautiful detail and then would cry when someone inevitably marred the book in some way. Julie's way is better.

Here's a post from Foster Dogs NYC about relief for a couple of animal shelters that were hit by the hurricane.

Speaking of the hurricane (and we will be for some time to come), Sesame Street is doing a hurricane recovery episode. Big Bird's nest gets damaged in the storm. Just typing that makes me cry. Hope this episode helps some kids who are recovering, too.

Untitled Here are some photos of dogs and cats (and ferrets! don't forget the ferrets!) being rescued from damaged areas. I haven't scrolled through them because, even though it's happy news, it will make me sob.

You know what else makes me cry? (Quit saying, "everything.") Voting. Here's a child on Staten Island who I bet will grow up to be a serial voter.

Sheepshead Bay is a neighborhood in Brooklyn that hasn't gotten as much air time as the others trying to rebuild. This is a nice article about that community and about Allison Robicelli's work for relief efforts.

This short and sweet dream post by Our Sueb0b made me laugh. Truth does that sometimes.

If you would like to eat ice cream as a way to support relief efforts I suggest you eat some Big Gay Ice Cream to help The Ali Forney Center.

Untitled I don't have experience with getting sober but in the middle of a moving post about her first day home from rehab Ellie speaks about her anxiety in a way that was so familiar it made me anxious about how I handle my anxiety! (This is a good thing. I think.)

The World Book Night books are out for 2013! So many good ones I don't know how I'll choose just 3. Will you apply to join me in giving out books in April, please?

Our Lisa turned me on to the fact that you can attend Zombie Preparedness classes at some REI locations. Something to think about...


  1. Kizz, I was just thinking of you while reading a blog post by a food blogger who bought her daughter a mixed breed pup from a pet store...and it sleeps outside! No idea where she lives, but seriously? In this day and age? W.T.H.!!!

  2. Will you PLEASE eat some Big Gay Ice Cream for me? PLEASE?!

  3. Not adopting. Leaving a pet routinely outside. Getting a pet for a kid and probably not realistically grasping how much or little the kid will do for the dog. How can people even? Welcome to the 21st century in the suburbs. We don't leave the dogs in the barn anymore. Get with the fucking program!

  4. I'll try to eat the Big Gay Ice Cream. I never seem to be where they are. I'll be on the lookout, though.

  5. it's one thing to buy a dog from a reputable breeder if you have something very specific to the breed in mind for the dog (particularly if the owner intends the dog to compete). it's something entirely different to buy a mutt from a puppy-mill-supplied pet store.


    1. and i'm not even going to touch the whole leaving-it-outside bit. i sure hope that woman lives someplace where it doesn't get frigid at night in the winter...