Friday, November 23, 2012

Leaving It Better

Annual Dog on Clean Couch PhotoI had great plans this autumn. I did some good work cleaning and organizing my house before Queen Bee and MamaKizz came for our trip to Italy. I was so inspired that I was sure I'd come back from Italy and just build on that success. With a little time spent deep cleaning each day I'd be living the Martha Stewart life by Thanksgiving! All I'd have to worry about was cooking, which I know how to do.


This time last week I didn't have a blessed clue how I was going to make my house safe for a party by today. While I wouldn't encourage you to open any of my closets too quickly I did manage the whole safety thing and I cooked, too. (Mom helped. A lot.)

The party was, as usual, fantastic. I'm lucky to know so many folks who are just nice to hang around with. That's the way I like my parties, too, no pressure, just hanging around, shooting the breeze, eating the food, drinking the mimosas. A good day was had, for sure.

Pony Express helped me figure out which containers would fit which left overs and then she packed the fridge. It's a thing of beauty. I'm going to need to take a photo so, when I get out my breakfast pie, I can recreate the feat of engineering. I loaded the dishwasher, mom did a lot of the hand washing. Now we're sitting on the couch resting and there are still some dishes soaking and a few things to be squared away but I'm better off than I was a week ago. Hell, I'm better off than I was three days ago. For that I'm truly grateful.

Now, if I can just build on this success with a little time spent deep cleaning each day by Christm....

Oh, who am I kidding?

*This is the annual dog on clean couch photo, a tradition begun with Emily and continued by Eddie.


  1. lol i'm glad you had a good time!

  2. sounds awesome, so sorry to get so close but not make it ... turns out i read the schedule wrong and really would have missed the train had we come, it left earlier than I thought! xoxo and see you soon. happy pie for breakfast ... perfect choice.