Monday, November 26, 2012

Not A Shopper

UntitledIt's sort of hilarious living the biggest shopping weekend of the year while not being much of a shopper. Even when I'm really in the mood to shop I don't have much stamina. I like to go in for something specific and get out. If I'm browsing a flea market or craft fair I generally treat it like a museum. That is, I assume that there's nothing there I can afford, nor do I need it, so I move at an interested but relatively brisk pace with little or no back tracking.

Unfortunately I am not done with my Christmas shopping. I have, in fact, barely begun. Granted I mostly give donations in people's names so it's not like I have to buy eleventy-hundred elaborately wrapped, hand crafted pieces of my heart in the next four weeks or so but...I should at least have mapped out a plan by now.

It's on the list for today, I promise.

These Cyber Monday deals are hard for me to resist, though. I don't have to go to a store, I don't have to interact with people or fend off charity requests, there is no travel time at all. The thing is, I don't need a faux Swarovsky anti-cancer charm bracelet or a Great Dane-sized cat bed (Buy one get one half off!) or a year's supply of only the most essential oils. No one on my list needs these things either. But but but! No store! Free shipping (with purchase over $50)! There are probably also deals on things that I do need and that people I know also require but see above re: distinct lack of plan. I had three things in my Entirely Pets cart this morning before I came to my senses and walked slowly backwards out of the online store pointing my six-shooter steadily at that sarsparilla-pushing webmaster.

How about you? How goes the gifting preparation?


  1. I've got a cart full at amazon, for my nephews, Mark's niece and because the movies were THREE DOLLARS I got a few of those in there too. Someone's kid want's the Lorax, right? I haven't hit send yet. I'm waiting till I get home tonight to finish...but yeah. Cyber Monday is my fav.

  2. We are requesting donations for Sandy recovery this year... haven't entirely figured out whether we're *giving* to our family in the same vein.

    Also, this:

  3. We are not doing a lot of gift-giving this year. I did find some 40% off specials online today, for things wee need anyway.

  4. Ordered gift cards today for 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, 1 grandson,2 granddaughters and 1 grandson-in-law. I'm done!