Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Awkward BoyI am lucky to have a job. I'm lucky to have a job that allows me to own a home (in partnership with the bank), treat my pets like members of the family, take a trip to Italy, and eat Jr. Mints. I know this but, since I don't love it I try to say it aloud a lot so I remember why I still get up and go to the office.

Days like today make me feel more grateful, though. I am so ridiculously lucky to have a job where I can just say, "I'm going to work from home on Wednesday. If Veteran's Day was any indication things are going to be really slow." and not be questioned at all. So today while I was checking in on work, looking at schedules and checking messages and making plans I was also sugaring cranberries, baking more bread than I have bread pans to contain, having lunch with Pony Express, cuddling with my dog, cleaning my dining room table, and buying a basting brush at the hardware store. I watched good TV and I didn't shower and it was glorious.

I'm getting up early tomorrow to do a very little volunteer work tomorrow. I'm just waiting for the pies and potatoes to cool so I can put them away, walk the dog, and sleep tight. It's been a great day and I'm enormously grateful for it. I want every single one of you to have days like this.

Let me leave you with one important lesson: Don't let your oven mitts get wet. Water conducts heat. (Ow.)


  1. I am glad you said all this, because while I am basking the glow of the best sorbet on earth, and the miracle that will be the fishcakes... if I don't do the math about when to take the turkey *out* of the fridge, and put it *in* the oven, it will be a whole different kind of day.

    (The sorry/grateful kind - but that's not what Thanksgiving's all about.)

    On the plus side of the water/conductivity thing... apply icy wet dishcloths wherever wet oven mitts failed you... and sorry/not-grateful about that.

  2. Hey Kizz, I don't comment often enough but read most often now and again and I am thankful that you post the things you do as often as you do. Your posts make me a better person in more ways than I can reasonably offer. I carry more dog treats than any cat lover should ever have to, and I find and support more local arts and artisans than I have in years. Sad to have to say that, because my own happy valley is filled chock full of fine performance offerings and has been for years. There we go. We're buying tickets now. I am grateful that you post because I do love how your heart and mind work. You shine, all of the time.

  3. Laur, thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this day. I'm grateful that you're reading. Hope that you're well.