Saturday, November 03, 2012

Then I Fell

Prize WinnerI haven't read the whole entire bible word for word. I'm familiar with some of the highlights, though. That "pride goeth before a fall" thing? That's the bible, isn't it? In my experience that one is spot on.

Today we had our 2nd or 3rd Canine Good Citizenship class. I gathered a group together to do this because I'd like my dog to get his certificate and to go on to be a therapy dog but also because I think he needs the skills on the test for us to have a fun life together. It's not a slam dunk that he'll pass, not by any stretch, but there are some skills I feel pretty confident about. I've worked with him on things for other classes that apply here and we're solid on them.

One of those things is coming when called from a stay. I worked our asses off on this when we first started and, with a few notable exceptions, it's solid. Rikke went around the group watching other people work on it and giving them tips. We practiced once or twice on our own. I just wanted us to be warm and on our game.

Now, keep in mind that we were outside, we'd been working for over an hour, and it was cold.

When it was our turn I confidently told Ed to stay, dropped his leash, and walked 10 feet away. I turned, waited, then I leaned down to have my hand in the treat position just as insurance. The moment I said, "OK come" his ass popped off the ground. Then he looked me straight in the eye before turning his back.

Big red X, epic fail, game over man, game over.

But the laugh we all got out of it was worth it. Damn, I needed that.


  1. God, that's just like Jack! Yesterday he LOOKED at me before running away. Like Nelson going "ha ha!"

  2. oh that stubborn lil boy!