Sunday, November 18, 2012

Who Are You? Who? Who?


Over the course of my lifetime I've gotten a pretty even split between "you look like your mom" and "you look like your dad." I can see the individual attributes that belong to each of them but overall I can't tell. Every so often, though, it's pretty darned clear who I look like from farther back. In this picture from our recent trip to Italy, for instance, I look exactly like my great grandmother. It's the cowlicks. And the 75' tall forehead.

Me & Grandma R circa 1972


  1. Cute! I don't look much like either of my parents, but I do look exactly like my siblings.

  2. I'm my great grandmother on my mom's moms side. No question. There's some FB-tagged proof of such I think.

  3. you need the high forehead to contain that amazing brain of yours! Your glasses are similar, too. What great pictures, both of them :)