Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hope for Understanding

The Reason

The holiday was lovely, thank you for asking. I hope yours was as well. All the accounts I've read on the internet have been glowing and that makes me happy.

This year I kept it to basics. There were rumblings in the foundations of our traditions, some good and some not so much. The result, for me, was that I felt the need to go with the flow as those changes left a lot of plans up in the air. This means I missed visiting with a few wonderful folks, which is too bad. I hope that they understand I didn't do it lightly and I'll check in with them soon.

What was the best part of the celebration? Well, too many things to mention, really, but the icing on any cake is, without question, the two yahoos you see pictured here. That's Uno above on the left. He came up from VA to join us and he is the snuggliest bug that ever eschewed a rug. (He prefers to sleep on your lap or on the back of the couch with some of himself gently draped around your neck.) Both pups were, you'll pardon the expression, dog tired before we were halfway done. It's a lot of work to show off your cuteness to armies of folk who don't get to see you every day. Your 23 hours of napping per day is greatly curtailed. I believe one day they each only got about 3 hours of napping on top of their 8 hours of sleep. It's a good thing we took a couple of long drives or they wouldn't even have gotten that much.

We're home now. We got here just as the first flakes of snow were beginning to fall yesterday and were able to hunker down until the worst of it (mostly rain) was over. Ed is getting his rest on while I'm at work and then we'll have another five days to enjoy each other's company before real life requires our presence again.

I hope you're all enjoying yourselves and being careful if you're stuck in many feet of snow and being nice to the people you love. That's a good plan for any time of year but especially these days.

From Santa


  1. lucky dog with the yummy treat :-)

  2. I am so glad you're safely and happily home. It's a mess in my neighborhood, and I worry for those who have to be traveling.

    I didn't ask to see you this year because I figured, if you had time, you'd have said so. I truly understand the concept of the whirlwind visit, and I'm also not so stuck on particulars that I HAVE to see people on CERTAIN days; I'd be just as happy to celebrate on an odd Wednesday. I do hope the opportunity to see each other happens soon, though; it was lovely to see you earlier in the year, but the visit was much too brief for my likely.

  3. Yay so fun to meet Uno and hang with you and Ed. Charlie & I had a great time! xoxo