Sunday, December 09, 2012


UntitledWe're knocking on the big, glossy front door of a new era of my music. You can imagine how much noise that makes in my head. I'm ready. As ready as I'm going to be, I guess. I mean, I have to rehearse each day and I have another meeting with the accompanist and a tech and the show itself. I have to figure out what earrings I'm going to wear and go to work and worry about not puking in fear. As you do. I'd have all those things to do even if I wasn't ready, though.

I like roller coasters but I don't seek them out. I'd never go on one that spun me upside down! I like history and tradition, too, though. So for my 40th birthday Kath took me to ride the Cyclone at Coney Island. I wanted to go. My heart wanted to go. My head thought my heart was an asshole. Standing in line my knees started to shake. When Alex said he wasn't going with us because once had been enough for him the shaking spread up into my stomach. For pride's sake I didn't waver and got into a middle car and warned Kath that I would probably babble like a freak on the first rise because the anticipation makes me nuts. More nuts. Then, as promised, I babbled and screeched a little and definitely wigged right the hell out. The first plummet toward earth was actually painful, my neck went crunching down but we shot forward after that and I started to scream and it felt awesome. I couldn't stop laughing. Even when we got off the ride I was laughing uncontrollably, it was thrilling.

I'm feeling a little bit like this. I'm approaching the line now. Tomorrow we'll get in the car and secure the flimsy bar over our laps. By Tuesday I should be babbling my way up the first, agonizing rise. It's gonna be a hell of a ride.

Here we go!


Don't forget that the world premiere of my new cabaret show, Back Where I Belong, is coming up December 12, January 9, and January 17. Details are here. I hope you can make it and bring all your friends! Please spread the word and use the hashtag, #KizzCabaret.


  1. damn nerves, but you'll be fabulous, and i can't wait for the llaughing! so very glad you're on the rise ...

  2. You'll do great!! Wish I could be there!